Junior master class

Masterclass Description


What we provide


- 2 sessions per week with 2 coaches 


- Session times 17:00-19:30


- 20 hours of coaching in a month’s assuming there is 4 weeks 


- Professional player pathway (we have links to international clubs in France, Hungary, Germany, Romania for the future if you get to a level to play internationally), fitness and multi-ball sessions


-  You will get the 1-2-1 sessions on a better price we will try to help you with other equipment too 


- Coaching at competitions provided free of charge. Parents must only pay the coaches's expenses  




What we expect:


  • Tell us when you are late or you are not coming
  • Maximum effort at training sessions
  • Attend the competitions that we put in your calendar 
  • Play in our teams JBL , SBL or any other league for (Ellenborough or Urban TTc does not make a difference to us as they are the same thing)
  • Pay the fees on time
  • Let us know when you are going away on long holidays so we can plan
  • If you are attending Masterclass sessions at Ellenborough TTc you need to be a member to use the facility!!


This Class is Invitation only!!



Criteria to qualify for Master class!



coming soon...