About Us

Children/Adults who are curious about Table Tennis 

We provide an opportunity to those curious to explore table tennis to do so in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment, and... at the same time have fun, and, make new friends.

All coaches are DBS checked

There is an atmosphere at all our sessions of woking hard, being fair, and giving and receiving respect… in line with these we encourage self discipline…

Table Tennis is one of the most challenging ball sports and as such it provides a great medium for personal development such as :-

  • Hand to eye coordination
  • Imroving attention span
  • Decision making skills
  • Thinking for yourself and taking responsibility for your actions
  • Working through highs and lows
  • Self esteem
  • Striving to be the best version of yourself, and seeing improvement
  • Making new friends
  • Keeping fit and active
  • New habits… commitment, persistency, consistency and tenacity
  • Helping others, collaborating and leadership skills

Personal qualities acquired through Table Tennis are completely transferrable to other walks of life and often table tennis players go on to be successful people in our communities.

Believe it or not Table Tennis is a very technical sport and Urban Table Tennis Club also advises on the most suitable equipment at each stage of progression.

For those children wanting to advance their Table Tennis Urban TT Club has a programme called zero to hero. This takes players from “how to hold a table tennis bat”, right through to playing international table tennis for the country… how far you go is up to you...

Urban Table Tennis Club has a philosophy of working with children at an early age accelerating their growth and abilities through playing Table Tennis.

Table Tennis is the second most popular sport in the world… whatever your goals they can be met through Urban Table Tennis . Whether it is to be a “better than average player” when on holiday or down at the sports centre, or you have aspirations to play in a local table tennis league… or to represent the county or country.

Zero To hero Journey 



We are hoping to see you soon in one of our venues,

Coaching Team



Coaching crew 


Urban TTC’s staff is will continue to work as a team to focus on all players’ development.  All coaches are working in all environments schools, pay as go, squad and master class and social sessions. The role of an Master Class coach is to focus on the targeted players only who has already shown some potential according to England ranking or dedicatin and commitment . All coaches used to be ex-professional table tennis players.



Eva Toth


U11- Squad Coach

  Hopes Squad 


Anita Kaloz


U11 - Squad Coach

  Hopes Squad


Sam Cowan


U11-Squad coach

School development



Leon Thomson


  U11- Squad Coach



Kristina Urban


U11/ Squad Coach

   Club Shop


Antony Constantinou


Mater Class  Coach 

Players Development



Tibor Kadar


Master Class Coach

Player Develpoment 


Gergely Urban


Head Coach/Sports director
Premier league Team Coach